Happy Good News Tuesday™, folks! We’ll start with a video of Charles Bukowski explaining his method of dealing with the blues:

Got more time? Check out this Fresh Air segment on “The Risks and Rewards of Yoga.

Man, that is one thin house!.

An international team of scientists has demonstrated a revolutionary new way of magnetic recording which will allow information to be processed hundreds of times faster than by current hard drive technology.

A futuristic design show from 1944.

Speaking of, here’s futuristic home that didn’t make it:

John Cleese on creativity:

Quadrula Pustulosa

Don’t count the days, make the days count.
~ Muhammad Ali

Hey there, dear reader, glad you stopped by. As you know, it’s Good News Tuesday™, so let’s get to it!

Washington and Colorado are forging ahead to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

The San Francisco Airport recently opened the world’s first airport yoga room.

Japan makes the best American Denim, French cuisine, and Italian espresso in the world. Now’s a great time to visit.

Fun fact: The Satanic Bible is heavily based on the writings of Ayn Rand. Author Anton Levay states that Satanism is, “just Ayn Rand’s philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added.”

I’m old! I had no idea who Muse was until tonight, when I came across this video of them switching instruments on TV because they were asked to do a “playback”:

Nirvana did the same thing:

Throw a fireball at this:



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Good News Tuesday: Security Phrase: Prime Lean

Orange is providing free Wikipedia access in the Middle East and Africa.

A more detailed article on the intriguing findings of a recent psilocybin study.

I don’t watch TV, but I’ll tune in to Julian Assange‘s new show at least once.

The nerds are figuring things out: they’ve discovered a new material that removes radioactive gas from spent nuclear fuel.

Anonymous released some Strafor emails. Choice quote:

I’ve seen people talking about how this “new movement” is a terrible threat to corporations, but in reality, due to the history of anarchists, animal rights, anti-war and anti-globalization protesters, companies are well prepared for such hippy hijinks.

Here’s a paper by Harvard research fellow Michael Beckley that basically says, don’t worry about the U.S.! It will be okay. Really.

A Calgary professor is beginning a 2 year study on people living off the grid.

He might want to check these guys out:

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Q: Okay Poem Friday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday.

Customers pay it forward regularly at this coffee shop in South Carolina.

So, pa, everyone’s talking about it: SOPA. A bunch of sites are blacking out in protest. Google is joining the fray. Unperson will only be partially blacked out. That part at the top of the page. And the bottom.

Do you know about Synaesthesia? Some say you can learn it.

Today is Muhammad Ali’s birthday. He’s an American Great. Here’s a video of him saving a man from suicide:

Did you like that video? Would you like another?:

Okay. One more, about the fear of technology:

Enough videos. Some stills:

Klon O’Pin

Q: Great Novel Saturday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday

A couple in the UK just celebrated their 86th anniversary.

Type 1 Diabetes can be reversed using “stem cell educator therapy.”

Top economists in London are urging politicians to cut the work-week to a maximum of 20 hours.

More abandoned theme-park porn. This time in Japan (warning: HDR).

Dissatisfied with the way you look? Good news! Now you can use the same products as the pros:

If that doesn’t convince you, this video will:

A traffic cop was arrested due to over $450 in unpaid tickets.

Speaking of justice, Zucotti Park a.k.a. Liberty Square is now barricade-free. Also, Manhattan’s DA dropped charges against 21 occupiers who refused the routine plea deal. Meanwhile #occupiers are busy planning the next stages of global protest.

A trio of pix: